Information of the Public Relations Department

Official 15 October 2020


State Security Service once again warns of Armenian terror

According to the information received by the State Security Service, in order to cover up the serial defeats of their army on the frontline, the Armenian special service agencies intend to implement terror-sabotage and other disruptive acts in crowded public places and public transport of large cities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and to repeat the heinous and inhumane terrorist acts committed against the civilian population in Baku and other parts of the country in the late 80s and 90s of the last century.

Armenia is a state that supports terrorism and carries out terrorist acts at the state level. Currently, terrorists brought from the Middle East countries serve in the Armenian armed forces and special service agencies.

Citizens are urged to remain vigilant without disrupting their daily life and working regime and not to panic, as well as, asked to inform the State Security Service, as well as local police and other law enforcement agencies about suspicious persons, actions and items on the territories where they live by calling (012) 4059999.

Given the recent activation of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, we recommend the diplomatic missions and diplomatic staff of the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad, representatives of the diaspora and our companies and their employees to be vigilant and to appeal to the law enforcement agencies of the countries where they are located if they observe suspicious cases.

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