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Official 02 December 2020


Lebanese mercenary-terrorist was prosecuted by the State Security Service

Complex operational-investigative measures are being carried on numerous facts related to the involvement of citizens of various foreign countries as mercenaries, who were transferred from Armenia to the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan and participated in the battles in the form of illegal armed groups and terrorist organizations.

Preliminary investigations ascertained reasonable suspicions that Lebanese citizen Vicken Euljekjian, together with another citizen of that country Hovak Kikiani, as well as individual foreign citizens participated in military operations and committed terrorist acts in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan for a certain pre-agreed fee.

Following the criminal case initiated by the State Security Service Vicken Euljekjian was charged with Articles 114.3 (Mercenary), 214.2.1 and 214.2.3 (Terrorism), 228.2.1 (Illegal purchase, storage, transportation and carrying of fire-arms and supplies), 279.1 (Creation of armed groups which are not provided by the legislation) and 318.2 (Illegal crossing border of the Republic of Azerbaijan) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Investigation is currently underway. 

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