Information from the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 18 September 2020


The State Security Service continues to carry out comprehensive operational and investigative measures to combat international terrorism.

In the course of the investigation, there were reasonable suspicions that Ahmadov Amil Mehman oglu, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, underwent training in a special training camp in Leroman settlement of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic in 2016-2019 under the guise of spreading religious sects in order to take part in religious enmity based armed conflicts accompanied by terrorist acts outside the country, took part in the armed conflicts in Aleppo, Hama, and Idlib as a member of "Jeyshullah" and other illegal armed groups, mastering the rules of use of various firearms and explosive devices.

Amil Ahmadov later secretly crossed into the territory of the third country.

As a result of operational-search activities carried out by the State Security Service, Amil Ahmadov was detained as a suspect on September 7, 2020. He has been prosecuted under Article 283-1.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (creation of stable groups to participate in armed conflicts outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, participation in those groups, training, or armed conflicts) and remanded in custody by a court decision.

Currently, investigations on the criminal case are underway.

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