Information of the Public Relations Department

Official 22 September 2020


Along with the intensification of military provocations on the contact line between the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops, the enemy side is constantly functioning to create tension and panic among the population in the frontline regions, as well as to gather information about the actions, operational intentions, and movements of the military units of our Armed Forces by using fake Azerbaijani names and the Azerbaijani language on social network resources.

In connection with the above-mentioned cases, the State Security Service urges the citizens of Azerbaijan to be vigilant, not to succumb to enemy provocations and to refrain from disseminating information that constitutes a military secret and which could harm the combat capability of our army, as well as the security of the local population.

It is recommended not to respond to such requests made with anonymous profiles, ignore this type of information transmitted via social network correspondence and messengers, and to abstain from sharing this information with acquaintances and relatives. It is required to refer only to the information provided by the official state bodies of our country regarding the situation on the frontline.

Please, report via the official website of the State Security Service (, contact telephone numbers (+99412 405 99 99) and hotline (+99412 1656), as well as the official social network resource of the State Security Service (, and, via WhatsApp and Telegram (+994 77 405 99 99) in connection with the provocative appeals addressed to the citizens of Azerbaijan under false names and various communication channels.

Remember that the life and health of many of our servicemen and civilians could be endangered by any irresponsible behaviour.

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