Information of the Public Relations Department

Official 19 September 2020


Over the past last days, a list of people - some public and political figures, professors and students of higher education institutions, employees of information agencies and portals, and other citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan - allegedly serving Russia has been disseminated on some websites and social media platforms. The State Security Service continues to receive numerous appeals from prominent political figures and intellectuals of the country concerning the indicated list and the views expressed.

Taking into account the concerns of our citizens in these sensitive times when the occupation of the Azerbaijani territories is continued and the provocations by the enemy are intensified on the frontline, the State Security Service declares that the dissemination of absurd and unsubstantiated information claiming that certain prominent figures of the country and others serve the interests of a foreign state is calculated to disrupt the stability in the country, and serves for creation of distrust in public authorities and causing damage to the long-standing Russia-Azerbaijan friendship and cooperation relations.

We assess the dissemination of such information as another provocation against the Azerbaijani state, and declare that this provocation originates from enemy forces and therefore, urge our citizens not to believe and fall prey to any such irresponsible narratives.

The State Security Service continues its activity to detect the sources of dissemination of the aforementioned pieces of information, as well as goals and interests of the forces involved.

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