Information from the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 31 August 2020

F. Veliyev trained as a terrorist and diversionist has been detained and taken to Azerbaijan


The State Security service continues to carry out complex measures aimed at timely detection and prevention of measures, terrorist-sabotage and other disruptive activities intended against the interests of the state security of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Currently investigative activities in a criminal case under relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic on the basis of the collected materials regarding the selection of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the control of foreign intelligence services, the conduct of such individuals military exercises outside the country with the aim of instilling in them radical, extremist religious ideas, hiding their personalities and involvement in military operations on the territory of other States under various pretexts are carried out.

As a result of the investigation, reasonable suspicions were established that a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Veliyev Falig Galib, was trained in the use of methods of committing terrorist crimes, using firearms, explosives and devices, as well as other generally dangerous methods and technical means to violate public security, to create panic among the population, to influence decision-making by state bodies, as well as he was involved by foreign special services in exercises of an intelligence and provocative nature, under a personal pseudonym, and he took part in the activities of an illegal armed group created for the purpose of committing serious and especially serious crimes outside the country. Falig Veliyev was brought as a defendant under articles 12.1, 218.2 (participation in a criminal association (organization)), 12.3, 214-3.1 (training outside the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purposes of terrorism) and 12.1, 279.1 (participation in the activities of armed groups not provided for by legislation outside the Republic of Azerbaijan) of the Criminal code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, according to the judicial court he was imposed a pre-trial resistant and announced for international search.

After Falig Veliyev entered the territory of the Russian Federation, he was detained under the mutual legal assistance procedure for international search and extradited to the Republic of Azerbaijan on August 27, 2020.

The criminal investigation is currently ongoing.



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