İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Events 28 March 2024


A gala event was organized in connection with the 105th anniversary of the security agencies of Azerbaijan

March 28th is founded as a professional holiday of Azerbaijan security agencies by the Decree of National Leader Heydar Aliyev dated March 23, 1997, and today marks the 105th anniversary of the establishment of security agencies.

In this regard, the Chief of the State Security Service (SSS) Colonel-General Ali Naghiyev and the employees of the Service visited the Alley of Honor, paid their respects and put wreath and flowers in front of the grave of Heydar Aliyev, the honorary head of Azerbaijan security agencies, a genius who dedicated 25 years of his meaningful life to honorable service in these agencies.

The grave of prominent ophthalmologist-scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva was also visited, and flowers were laid.

Later, the employees of the SSS visited the graves of the heroes of the Motherland in the Alley of Martyrs including the servicemen of the security agencies who rose to the height of martyrdom by showing personal bravery and died for the independence of Azerbaijan, and later a wreath was laid in front of the “Eternal Torch” monument on behalf of the Service.

A gala event dedicated to the professional holiday was held in the Cultural center of SSS afterwards with the participation of employees and veterans of the Service. After the event was declared open, the memory of our martyrs who died for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan was commemorated with a minute of silence and the National Anthem was played. Later, a documentary film called “Special Service” dedicated to the 105-year history of the Azerbaijan security agencies was demonstrated.

The Chief of the Service Colonel-General Ali Naghiyev, made an introductory speech at the event, narrated on the 105-year history of the security agencies and provided detailed information about the formation of these agencies during the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, their activities during the Soviet era, and the formation of modern Azerbaijan special services after independence.

Speaking about the unparalleled services of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in the history of the security agencies, the Chief of the Service spoke about the irreplaceable role of the genius leader in the implementation of the difficult and complicated process for that time, such as the nationalization of the staff of this institution, spoke about his sensitive approach to the issues about formation of the personnel potential of the special service agencies, the improvement of the material and technical base, the working and living conditions of its employees and the immeasurable work he has done in this direction.

The speaker expressed his belief that the security agencies, which have already entered a new era under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Victorious Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev, will continue to perform their duties properly, and at the same time, he touched on the activity of SSS in recent years.

Ali Naghiyev stated that after the complete restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country as a result of the indomitable political of our head of our state and the military power of our Army, the security agencies of Azerbaijan face new challenges, drew attention to disruptive activities, attempts to implement various plans calculated to the detriment of our country's national security by creating a spy network. It was noted that SSS will mobilize all its forces and means to overcome such threats to the security of our republic and will confidently continue its fight against such situations from now on.

Chief of Service Ali Naghiyev emphasized that as a further manifestation of the special attention and care which Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev has shown to the security agencies, a group of the SSS employees was awarded with high military ranks and high state awards in connection with the 105th anniversary of the establishment of security agencies and the professional holiday by the relevant Decree of the head of the country, expressed his gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev on behalf of his personal staff, and expressed his firm belief that the employees of the Service will justify this trust.

Then the event continued with the speeches of the employees and veterans of the security agencies.

At the end of the official part of the event, an appeal to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, was read on behalf of the staff of the SSS.

In the artistical part of the event a concert program performed by well-known cultural and artistic figures was presented.