İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 25 March 2024


Persons planning terrorist acts in Azerbaijan have been exposed

During the investigations carried out by the State Security Service (SSS) reasonable suspicions arose, that in order to disrupt public security in the country, create panic among the population and to influence the decision-making of the state authorities and international organizations, the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Askarov Bahruz Alimammad oglu, born in 1988, who lived in the Murmansk city of the Russian Federation, in collaboration with other persons was preparing to commit a terrorist act accompanied by actions which would result in death of people and occurrence of other socially dangerous consequences.

It was determined that Bahruz Askarov engaged individuals living in different regions of the republic into secret communication and gave them instructions to organize an assassination attempt on the life of the head of Lankaran City Executive Power.

It was also established that Bahruz Askarov instructed his contacts to carry out an assassination of foreign citizen who works as an English language teacher in some regions of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the complex operational-investigative measures, Bahruz Askarov was arrested and brought to criminal responsibility in the Republic of Azerbaijan under Articles 28, 214.2.1 (preparation for terrorism) of the Criminal Code, and by the court's decision pretrial detention was chosen about him.

At the same time, it was determined that Bahruz Askarov planned to organize the military training of the persons he had established contact with in the territory of a foreign state, but as a result of the measures taken by the SSS, he was unable to carry out these criminal acts.

At the moment, complex investigative and operational measures are being continued in order to investigate all the features of the criminal case.