İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 12 March 2024


Disinformation is published on social networks

Information aimed at creating alarm and artificial agitation within the people about the planned armed attack on some schools in Baku city was published in the external segment of social networks and caused concern among our citizens.

It is known that similar far from the reality actions have been carried out in connection with educational institutions in some foreign countries through social networks using fake identities.

Through operational and technical measures, it was established that the mentioned social network page is managed from abroad, and as a result of joint urgent measures implemented with foreign partners it was determined that individuals who created the social network channel and are not capable of causing any threat in the territory of the country and that they have any no connection to the Republic of Azerbaijan. Necessary measures are being taken in this direction.

Furthermore, it was established that the photo illustrating the secondary school No. 229, Nizami district, Baku city posted on the "Telegram" page with the same name was taken by a minor student of that school on 12.03.2024 and posted on the channel created by him with the same name and content, and that person was investigated in accordance with the law.

At times when many social networks are operational worldwide and it is a common knowledge that their technical capabilities can be used for all kinds of disinformation, we strongly urge the citizens of the country to not believe to such frivolous information circulated with the purpose creating anxiety among the population and to condemn those spread panic disseminating such clearly groundless information to a wide audience and we proclaim that such information is being constantly monitored in detail together with the relevant authorities.