İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 15 January 2024


The members of the transnational criminal gang manufacturing fake documents related to a foreign country were detained

The State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SSS) continues its operational and investigative measures in the direction of combating transnational organized crime.

The actions of the transnational organized criminal group have been exposed, which took advantage of the processes happening between the region states in recent years, illegally providing official documents related to the state of Ukraine to the nationals of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other states in order to  enable those nationals to live, get asylum and move freely without a visa in different states under the name of Ukrainian citizens.

During the investigations it was determined that colluded as a group Nuriyev Ibadat Kahraman oglu, who lived in Lviv, Ukraine, Bagirov Farid Vagif oglu, who lived in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, and others starting from January 2023 illegally manufactured Ukrainian passports, identity certificates and driving licenses, as well as other documents for various individuals and sold each of them for different amounts of money up to 30,000 US dollars.

As a result of the measures taken by SSS, those persons were arrested and brought to the investigation in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and they were charged with illegal manufacturing of licenses and other official documents granting the right and exempting from duty, with the purpose of their usage, sale of such fake documents and other related criminal activity.

Investigations have also identified persons operating with forged documents in various states.

Currently, intensive investigative and operational measures are being carried out in connection with the mentioned and other related crimes.