Information of the State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons

Official 13 December 2023


The servicemen detained on the side of Azerbaijan and Armenia were mutually released

As reported, on December 7, 2023, as a result of negotiations between the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, an agreement was reached on the release of 32 Armenian servicemen by Azerbaijan and 2 Azerbaijani servicemen by Armenia, guided by the principles of humanism and as a measure of mutual trust.

After the health conditions of the Armenian servicemen detained on the Azerbaijani side were checked by the International Committee of the Red Cross and deemed satisfactory, in accordance with the agreement, on December 13, 2023, the above-mentioned military personnel was handed over at the Azerbaijan-Armenia border crossing the Gazakh district.

There were no incidents during the delivery process.