İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 19 October 2023


Radio interference attempted by illegal Armenian armed groups to air traffic is being seriously investigated in the SSS.

As reported earlier, illegal Armenian armed groups operating in the Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan used radio jamming against the navigation systems of civil aircraft belonging to the “Azerbaijan Airlines” Closed Joint Stock Company and foreign airlines which operates flights using the country's airspace, and the international community has been repeatedly informed about this.

During 2021-2023, the intensification of the application of such radio interference was accompanied by interruptions in the reception of signals from global navigation satellite systems to radar stations located near those areas, problems with the reception of signals, as well as the loss of navigation signals on civilian aircraft flying around the Karabakh region, and thereby numerous criminal facts which could result intemporary loss of control of civilian aircrafts and lead to aviation accidents have been registered.

During the ongoing investigation  by the State Security Service of the facts of terrorism and other crimes committed by the illegal Armenian armed groups in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan the foreign-made “Роlе-21M”, as well as truck based “Repellent-1” type and handmade radio-electronic combat complexes along with other special technical means at the disposal of the mentioned armed groups, which were disarmed as a result of local anti-terrorist measures were discovered.

According to its tactical and technical indicators it was identified that the “Pole-21M” complex is used to limit the incoming signals from “GPS”, “QLONASS”, “Galileo”, “BeiDou” and other types of satellite navigation systems and to create radio barriers to objects located at a distance of up to 150 km.

The “Repellent-1” complex was used to identify signals of the control and data transmission channels of the airborne objects at a distance of up to 35 km and to track their the location, direction, and speed in space, and to, createing a radio barriers to the operation of the control and navigation systems, and additionally handmade radio-electronic combat complexes were utilized to limit and create radio obstacles to the incoming signals from “GPS” and "QLONASS” navigation satellites.

At the moment, investigative and operational measures on the criminal case are underway.