İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Events 27 August 2023


The participants of the Patriotic War visited the “Bilgah” recreation center of the SSS

On August 26, another meeting with the participants of the Patriotic War was organized at the “Bilgah” Recreation Center of the State Security Service.

At the event, the dear memory of our martyrs who sacrified their lives for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan was commemorated with a minute of silence, the National Anthem was played and the event continued with speeches. The speakers emphasized that our heroic soldiers won a historic victory under the leadership of the Victorious Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev in the Patriotic War, which is our glorious chronicle, and with this victory they introduced Azerbaijan to the world as a victorious country, and spoke in detail about the comprehensive attention and care of our state to the martyre's family members and war participants. It was stated that the large-scale restoration and construction works in the territories liberated from occupation, as well as the process of returning refugees and internally displaced persons to their homelands, are possible due to the resolute political line successfully carried out in our country.

After the speeches, the event participants watched a concert program on the theme of patriotism.