İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 25 August 2023


The person who prepared fake documents on behalf of the courts was detained

Citizen S.Jabbarova applied to the Judicial-Legal Council in connection with the civil case to which she was a party, and stated that Zohrab Latif oglu Pashayev committed illegal acts against her, received a large amount of money from her in exchange for helping her solve her case in court, as well as that person gave her letters drawn up on behalf of the Judicial-Legal Council and the Baku Court of Appeal. The relevant application of the citizen and the submitted relevant documents were sent to the State Security Service by the Office of the Judicial-Legal Council for the investigation of the mentioned cases.

During the investigations carried out by the State Security Service, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan Zohrab Pashayev, who previously was convicted under the articles 178.2.2, 178.2.4 (in case of fraud, repeated and causing significant damage), 310 (impersonating himself as an official) and 320.1 (illegal preparation of official documents) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and whose conviction has not been paid, reasonable suspicions have been established that from November 2022 he again presented himself as an official and made false promises to individual citizens about assistance in resolving of court cases and registering properties under their names, prepared and submitted forged documents on behalf of the Judicial-Legal Council, courts and other state bodies by creating and placing QR codes in a special manner, in order to gain their trust, thereby seizing citizens' funds through abuse of trust and deception.

According to the initiated criminal case, Zohrab Pashayev was brought to criminal responsibility under Articles 178.2.2, 178.2.4, 310 and 320.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We inform you that from now on, necessary measures will be taken against those who commit illegal acts using the name of the Judicial-Legal Council, courts, as well as judges.

At the same time, citizens are advised to apply for the provision of legal assistance only to persons or institutions professionally engaged in that activity in accordance with the law.