İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 10 July 2023


A foreign citizen planning to commit a terrorist act on the territory of Azerbaijan was detained

The State Security Service (SSS) continues operational-investigative measures in combating of terrorist-sabotage and intelligence-disruptive activities directed against the national security and state interests of our country.

During investigation it was determined that Fawzan Mosa Khan, a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, born in 1990, in conspiration with other individuals has been planning to commit terrorist act accompanied by explosion, fire or other similar events resulting in in the death of people, health injuries, property damage and other socially dangerous incidents in order to create panic among the population, influence decision-making by state authorities and international organizations. 

It was established that this foreign national arrived to the Republic of Azerbaijan from a foreign country with the intention of committing the abovementioned criminal acts and in order to identify the coordinates of a third country embassy and plan a terroristic act conducted a surveillance of the embassy building, attempted to identify and enroll individuals to participate in the terrorist act, obtained firearms and explosives, and conspired with other persons to receive financial support for this activity.

In connection with the fact, Fawzan Mosa Khan, was detained during the act of committing of a crime and charged with criminal responsibility under articles 28, 214.2.1 and 28, 214.2.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan within the criminal case initiated by Main Investigation Department of SSS and by the decision of the court a preventive measure of the arrest was adopted for him.

At present, complex investigative-operational and international legal procedural measures are being carried out by the SSS in order to fully determine the circle of persons who planned the terrorist act.