İnformation of the Press service of the State Security Service

Official 22 June 2023


Azerbaijani citizens who joined illegal armed groups on the territory of a foreign country have been arrested

As a result of investigations carried out by the State Security Service an active team consisting of Azerbaijani citizens which illegally entered into the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and mastered use of various arms after trainings at special camps at city of Idlib with the purpose participation in armed conflicts based religious enmity, radicalism and fanaticism and accompanied by commission of terrorist acts outside of Azerbaijan's border and consequently fought within the ranks of “Taifatul Mansuraillegal armed group, was identified and subjected to an international search warrant.

As a result of operational-investigative measures foreign hideouts of 13 citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who committed the abovementioned criminal acts, namely Abdullayev Shemil Tohud oglu, Aghametov Murad Alibala oglu, Guliyev Murad Firudin oglu, Rustamov Farhad Isa oglu, Sultanov Sultan Idris oglu, Huseynov Najmaddin Nazir oglu, Mahmudov Hikmet Sahib oglu, Aliyev Mais Telman oglu, Ismayilov Ismayil Aydın oglu, Babayev Shahriyar Rahim oglu, Muradov Haji Arif oglu, Bakhishov Alovsar Alisafa oglu and Asadov Intigam Shirin oglu have been identified and they were detained and delivered to the Republic of Azerbaijan after corresponding measures were undertaken within the framework of the mutual legal assistance procedure for international search.

The aforementioned citizens were charged under Article 283-1.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (creating stable groups for the purpose of participating in armed conflicts outside the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan, participation in those groups, trainings or armed conflicts) with criminal responsibility and by the decision of the court, preventive measures of arrest was adopted for them.

At present, complex investigative and operational measures are being continued.