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Events 27 July 2022


Next conference of Special Services of Turkic-Speaking States was held

The XXIV Conference of the Special Service Bodies of Turkic – Speaking States was held on July 26, in Cholpan-Ata,Kyrgyzstan.  The delegation headed by the Chief of The State Security Service, Colonel-General Ali Naghiyev, as well as the heads of special organizations and representatives of Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan attended the event. At the meeting, the reports of the heads of the security organizations of the member states were heard.

In his speech, the chief of the Security Service, Colonel-General Ali Naghiyev, noted with satisfaction the support by the partner countries about the initiative of the organization he heads to join the Conference of Special Service Bodies of Turkic-Speaking States to the Organization of Turkic States and the Protocol of Intent to be signed at the meeting, besides, he suggested that the name of the organization to be called “Turkish states special service agencies”. Noting that the global cataclysms and processes taking place in the world have a serious impact on the security environment of our region, the head of the State Security Service touched upon the importance of reviewing the joint activities of Turkic-speaking countries,stating that  the emergence of new manifestations of international terrorism, transnational organized crime, extremism and radicalism, the flow of refugees from the respective countries as a result of war conflicts paving the  way to the expansion of cross-country movement opportunities of radical-oriented persons among those people are of particular concern. In connection with the mentioned issues, special emphasis was put on the the need for establishing cooperation between the special services of the Turkic-speaking countries to the maximum extent possible, to organize the mutual exchange of information and experience more effectively, and to resolutely continue joint efforts.

General-Colonel Ali Naghiyev said that the activities of a number of radical circles from the territory of some neighboring countries aimed at disrupting the stability and peace in the region and within Azerbaijan constantly continue, as well as the fact that the revanchist forces in Armenia have not yet abandoned their provocative intentions, and the opposition of this country has been working hard to undermine the process of  the normalization of Azerbaijan-Armenia relations is a matter of deep regret and he stated that all negative situations that may be caused by such situations will be resolutely prevented by constant vigilance by the special service bodies of our republic.

At the end of the conference, the ceremony of signing the relevant documents by the member states took place.