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Events 15 October 2021


The regular meeting of the heads of the security and intelligence services of the CIS countries was held in Moscow on October 13; the head of the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel-General Ali Naghiyev and the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan Colonel-General Orkhan Sultanov attended the meeting with the delegates.

A broad exchange of views took place at the meeting on possible threats to the existing security environment in the CIS region, the situation around Afghanistan, in particular, its impact on the fight against international terrorism, as well as on the prevention of destructive actions in the CIS countries aimed at disrupting socio-political stability, sometimes originating from the territory of the third countries, and on some other issues of mutual interest. The role of the joint efforts of the participating countries in successful results in the areas discussed was specially emphasized. It was stated that in order to combat destructive forces effectively and efficiently, maintain security in the CIS, ensure the national interests of the countries, it is necessary to further expand cooperation between special services, constantly improve the exchange of useful information through regular analysis and monitoring.

It was noted that the presence of hot spots of armed conflicts in many parts of the world, the existence of uncontrolled territories, drug trafficking and dynamic activities of terrorist-extremist groups pose a serious threat to peace, and what is more, make security and intelligence agencies encounter new challenges. Accordingly, the importance of coordinated and organized systematic work between the relevant authorities and, if necessary, joint action against subversive elements was emphasized.

Russian president Vladimir Putin received the heads of delegations in video format, gave his recommendations on the issues discussed, stressed the importance of using potential of the CIS special services to counter threats to the security of the CIS member states and wished the participants success.

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