Information of the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 27 July 2021


Officials who took bribes from participants of the Great Patriotic War were detained

The State Security Service continues to take measures to combat criminal acts harming legally protected interests of the state in the field of army building and casting a shadow on the activities of authorities.

The State Security Service carried out a comprehensive investigation on the basis of information obtained that some officials received bribes for the payment of state benefits to servicemen who participated in the Great Patriotic War.

There were substantial suspicions that Eyvazov Vusal, head of the department of the Main Clinical Hospital of the Armed Forces, received bribes through another employee of the same hospital, Aghayev Huseyn, from each of the numerous servicemen in exchange for determining the degree of injuries they received in the Great Patriotic War in order to receive a one-time social insurance benefit from the state.

As a result of complex operational-investigative measures, Vusal Eyvazov and Huseyn Aghayev were arrested while committing a crime. Vusal Eyvazov was charged under Article 311.3.2 (repeated bribery by an official), Huseyn Aghayev under 32.5, 311.3.2 (participation in repeated bribery) and other articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and were remanded in custody by a court decision.

Investigations are underway in connection with the criminal case.