Information of the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 24 May 2021


The person involved in the activities of illegal armed groups outside the country has been detained

The State Security Service continues to take measures to identify and bring to justice the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who are members of illegal armed groups operating in foreign countries.

Operational-investigative measures were carried out based on information received during the investigation that Jamalov Orkhan, a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, born in 1986, left the country in 2014, joined the “ISIS” terrorist group in Syria, and operated within that illegal group.

Earlier, Orkhan Jamalov was convicted due to the discovery of hand grenades and cartridges of various calibres during a search of his residence conducted in connection with operational-search activities undertaken to prevent members of the illegal armed group “Forest Brothers” led by Ilgar Mollachiyev, a resident of Zagatala region, from committing acts of terrorism-sabotage in the country. After being released, Orkhan Jamalov, at the invitation and with the help of a man named Shamil, nicknamed “Hanzala”, crossed into the Republic of Turkey in August 2014, and from there illegally entered the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and went to Raqqa. There were substantial suspicions that Orkhan Jamalov joined an illegal armed group called “Azeri Jamaat”, which is subordinate to the terrorist organization “ISIS”, and participated in training and armed conflicts as part of this criminal group.

In connection with the criminal case initiated by the State Security Service based on the above-mentioned facts, Orkhan Jamalov has been charged under Articles 12.1, 218.2 (participation in a criminal organization) and 283-1.3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (participation in groups, training or armed conflicts created to engage in armed conflicts outside the Republic of Azerbaijan under the guise of spreading religious sects, performing religious rites, or on the basis of religious enmity, religious radicalism or religious fanaticism) and has been remanded in custody based on the court decision. During the interrogation, he admitted that he had gone to the area due to being deceived in the name of religion and the events that took place there contradicted the true nature of religion, and confessed to the crimes and expressed his sincere remorse.

Operational-investigative measures are underway in connection with the criminal case.

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