Information of the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

Official 19 May 2021


The information about the terrorist threat in the country is baseless

The official website of the United States Department of State informed US citizens about the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus infection and high terrorist threat in Azerbaijan, and advised them not to travel to our country unless necessary. The information was spread in the Azerbaijani segment of social media resources.

In this regard, we declare that the information on the existence of any terrorist threat in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan does not reflect the truth and is completely unfounded.

At the same time, we state that the safety of our citizens and foreigners visiting Azerbaijan are guaranteed by the lasting stability and peace created in our country as a result of the successful law enforcement and security policy pursued under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr Ilham Aliyev. At present, there is no risk of terrorist threat for those who want to travel to our country.

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