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Official 29 April 2021


Alimpasha Mammadov, former head of the Shamkir District Executive Power was arrested by court order

Legal measures are being taken to combat corruption and other related crimes that hinder systemic reforms in the country, harm the legally protected interests of the state, and overshadow the activities of government agencies.

The State Security Service carried out complex operational-investigative measures on the basis of information on the misappropriation of large amounts of state property and violation of the rights of citizens by officials of the Shamkir District Executive Power.

During the criminal investigation, substantial suspicions were established about the misappropriation of large amounts of state property by Mammadov Alimpasha Adil oglu, who abused his position as the head of the Shamkir District Executive Power and sold all shares of “Chinarli Settlement” LLC, established by Chinarli municipality of Shamkir district, with property worth 2 million 844 thousand AZN to his son Adilzadeh Adil Alimpasha oglu and other subordinates to “Shamkir Basket Shopping Center” LLC for only 40 AZN, and all shares of “Abad Shamkir” LLC, established by the Shamkir Municipality and owned a food production plant worth 967,000 AZN, to his son Adil Adilzadeh for only 180 AZN.

In addition, reasonable suspicions have been identified that Alimpasha Mammadov seized by re-appropriation in cash 218,000 AZN transferred to the account of “Agstafasutikinti” LLC in connection with the implementation of landscaping work in the Shamkir district, solicited as a bribe through subordinates a total of 382,000 AZN from individuals engaged in construction and landscaping, complex and current repairs, as well as repair of roads at the expense of funds allocated from the state budget in the territory of Shamkir district, and a total of 217,000 AZN from individual citizens in connection with the conduct of entrepreneurial and residential construction work in the district.

An investigation is underway into allegations that Alimpasha Mammadov extorted 3,000-10,000 AZN from local executive officials and other local government officials under various names. Also, substantial suspicions were established that in order to hide the real source of money obtained through embezzlement and bribery, Alimpasha legalized a large amount of money by directing 832,000 AZN to the construction and other expenses of “Az Forel” LLC's fish farming and processing enterprise in Shamkir district, which he founded under the name of his son Adil Adilzade.

During the search of Alimpasha Mammadov's office and residence, lists of funds received from various officials, including those engaged in entrepreneurial activities, cash, documents, and other evidence relevant to the case were found and seized.

Alimpasha Mammadov is charged under Articles 179.4 (misappropriation or embezzlement), 193-1.3.2 (money laundering), 308.2 (abuse of power), 311.3.2 and 311.3.3 (repeated bribery, large-scale bribery) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. bribery) and was remanded in custody by a court decision.

Investigative-operational measures are underway in connection with the criminal case.

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