Information of the Public Relations Department

Official 19 February 2021


Dissemination of groundless and unspecified news that harms the interests of the state is unacceptable

The false information was spread by some social media resources in Azerbaijan, citing Armenian sources, under different headings such as “A meeting between the head of the Armenian NSS A. Abazyan, the head of the Russian peacekeeping contingent General R.Muradov, the head of the Azerbaijani SSS Ali Nagiyev and A. Arutyunyan is planned in Sugovushan”.

The State Security Service categorically denies such reports and news, and notes that so far the public has been consistently informed about the meetings of the heads of security services of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Given that the issues related to the reliable provision of the state interests, territorial integrity and security of Azerbaijan are met with sensitivity in society, the public will be continually informed about such meetings.

We once again call on the media and social media of our country to refrain from spreading groundless and unspecified news that harms the national interests and is likely to be deliberately transmitted to social networks by the enemy side to mislead public opinion in Azerbaijan, noting the unacceptability of such cases, and ask to refer only to the official information provided by government bodies.

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