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The State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a special body acting to ensure the national security of our country on the basis of the powers established by law.

As part of this activity, the State Security Service conducts counterintelligence, operational - search and investigative measures in the direction of detection, prophylaxis and prevention of intelligence, terrorist sabotage and other acts of sabotage by foreign special services, organizations and individuals that may damage independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order, economic, defense, scientific and technical potential and other national interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan. When it turns out that crimes against the foundations of constitutional order and security, terrorism, cybercrime, as well as crimes that cause significant damage to the interests of national security and the interests of the state protected by law in the public and economic spheres are committed by an official, the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan conducts a preliminary investigation of these crimes.

At the same time, the State Security Service is entrusted with exclusive duties to protect state secrets. In accordance with these powers, the State Security Service carries out certification of information protection means, measures to verify the admission of officials and citizens to work with state secrets, and issue permits to enterprises, departments and organizations to work with state secrets.

State Security Service, which operates on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on national security”, “on intelligence and counterintelligence”, “on operational – search  operations”, “on state secrets”, “on the fight against terrorism” and others legislative acts, as well as international agreements to which our country is a party, manages the observance of human and civil rights and freedoms, as well as the rule of law, humanism, responsibility to the state and society in the performance of its duties.