Information of the Public Relations Department of the State Security Service

July 14, 2020


Starting from July 12, 2020, as a result of provocations by the Armenian armed forces, heavy fighting continued in the Tovuz region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, and the opposite side fired on our civilians and settlements. As a result of the retaliatory measures, the enemy suffered heavy blows and was forced to retreat with significant losses. We express our deep condolences to the families of our servicemen martyred in the battles for the territorial integrity of our republic and wish the wounded a speedy recovery.
At the same time, despite the public is regularly provided with official information on combat operations on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, false and biased information about the events is deliberately spread on various social networks and media pages to damage the defence capabilities of the Republic of Azerbaijan and to create confusion and mistrust among the population.
The State Security Service declares that there is no basis for such inaccurate and biased information, opinions and sharing. The people of Azerbaijan must know that our Armed Forces are always ready to resolutely prevent enemy attacks. The country's leadership is taking all the necessary measures in this direction. We consider it very important for our citizens to be calm, not to follow any provocations and to stand for statehood in this tense situation on the front line.
The strictest measures will be taken in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on those disseminating unverified and biased information about the Azerbaijani Army, as well as about the territorial losses and human casualties.
We once again ask our citizens to show national solidarity and rely only on the information provided by official state bodies.