President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev: “Our position on this issue is unambiguous. Irreconcilable fight will be waged against corruption and corrupt officials”

May 1, 2020


President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev: “I have repeatedly expressed my views on this issue. I warned all government officials and even said that if any government official is unable or unwilling to make adjustments in his work, let him resign voluntarily.
Unfortunately, my words did not serve as a lesson for some and as a result, the State Security Service has carried out several operations and exposed bribe-takers – high-ranking officials who have already been prosecuted. Heads of the executive authority of Aghstafa, Bilasuvar, Yevlakh, Neftchala districts have been arrested. The public has been and will be provided with detailed information on this issue.
Also recently, the chairman of the Binagadi settlement municipality was accused of selling a permit and detained red-handed. A representative of the head of the Ismayilli District Executive Authority for the city of Ismayilli was engaged in the appropriation of assistance, embezzling the assistance intended for the poor. An investigation is underway into the case of the arrested heads of the executive authority. But the video shown today indicates that bribery was the main principle for these people. In other words, all agencies had to bribe the heads and other representatives of the executive authority every month. Unfortunately, such negative facts exist in other districts as well. Information about this is available, so I want to say again that no one will be able to avoid responsibility. No one can be above law, and if someone thinks that their close ones, acquaintances, relatives and high-ranking friends will help him out, then they are mistaken. Everyone is equal before the law. There must not be corruption and bribery in Azerbaijani society. In any case, we should try to narrow the scope for corruption and bribery by both administrative and institutional methods. At the same time, punitive measures are and will be applied.”

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