Information of the Press Services of the State Security Service and the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan

March 11, 2020


Based on the information obtained in connection with the regular smuggling of large quantities of tobacco products by railcars and trucks, the State Security Service and the State Customs Committee conducted a joint investigation.
As a result of the operational and investigative activities, a Mercedes-Benz truck with a state registration plate of 40-BL-400, which passed customs clearance and was allowed to cross the border, was detained at the Samur customs post in Gusar region. During the inspection of the vehicle, 15 tons of foreign tobacco products declared to customs under a different name were detected and seized.
Following the criminal case instituted by the State Security Service under Article 206 (smuggling) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani citizens - the deputy head of the General Customs Department for Northern Territories of the State Customs Committee Emin Huseynov, as well as Karim Huseynov and Ramin Aliyev were detained and arrested for 4 months under the court’s decision.
The investigation is currently underway.