Department of Public Relation's press release

October 11, 2019


Comprehensive measures of the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan to combat the involvement of Azerbaijani citizens in terrorist organizations and armed conflicts carried out by these organizations outside the country under the influence of radical religious ideas continue.
As a result of operational-search measures of criminal prosecution carried out under articles 218.2 (participation in the criminal community) and 279.1 (participation in unauthorized armed formation and groups) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it was established that a citizen of Azerbaijan, Gulaliyev Bahram Tagibey oglu, born 1971, carrying out activities under the religious nickname 'Abu Ibrahim Dagestani' in international terrorist organizations as an explosion specialist, illegal entered Afghanistan and joined illegal armed groups operating there.
As part of the international search activities in the criminal case against Bahram Gulaliyev, he was detained in Pakistan and extradited to Azerbaijan in October 2019.
It was established that Bahram Gulaliyev provided international terrorist organizations with explosive devices that he manufactured using chemicals, conducted training in the manufacture of explosive devices in foreign illegal armed groups, and also attracted citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan to these armed conflicts.
As a result of the ongoing investigations, there were exposed and detained: Azerbaijani citizen Suleymanov Telman Cherkez oglu, born 1988, who participated in terrorist exercises and armed conflicts on the border territories of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then, moving to Syria along with other members of the group he belonged to participated there in battles on the basis of religious hatred; Azerbaijani citizen Gasimov Elchin Tofig oglu, born 1986, who was also a member of the same terrorist groups involved in the armed conflict in the Atma and other towns of Syria.
In addition, it was established that currently deprived of Azerbaijani citizenship for joining the international terrorist organizations Abbasov Rasi Yashar oglu, born 1982, left the country in September 2014, moved to Turkey, and from there, with the help of special guides, illegally entered the territory of Syria and joined a terrorist organization, as part of this criminal group, he participated in armed conflicts motivated by religious hatred in the Syrian cities of Jerablus, Raqqa and others.
Bahram Gulalyiev, Telman Suleymanov, Elchin Gasimov and Rasi Abbasov were prosecuted, in respect of them the court chose a preventive measure in the form of arrest.
The State Security Service once again warns that persons attracting Azerbaijani citizens in any form to illegal armed groups will be identified and held accountable, and urges citizens who fall under radical religious ideological influence not to join such illegal armed groups.