The joint statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan

May 3 2016

As a result of actions held by Interior and Prosecuting authorities, and the State Security Service Zagatala region residents’ Elshad Musayev, AbakarGaziyev, Islam Aghalarov, Vugar Jabrayilov, Bashir Hamzayev and Vagif Padarov who were spreading of religious intolerance and separatism, trying to recruit citizens by violence and conducting subversion among local people were detained.
During the inspection 2 automatic rifles, 2 guns, 13 grenades, 310 bullets, 5 TNT blocks, and a number of religious literatures that is forbidden to spread in our countrywere found at the above-mentioned persons and their addresses. According to the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan a criminal case has been started on the fact. The immediate investigation and search operations to disclosure of criminal connections, as well as to identify and prosecute other members of this organized criminal group are going on now.