Department of Public Relation's press release

November 14, 2018


XXI meeting of the Conference of Special Services of Turkish-speaking countries (TURKON) took place on 14/11/2018 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and delegation of the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the leadership of colonel-general Madat Guliyev participated in this meeting.

Madat Guliyev stated that the military and political situation in several regions of the world, especially in Middle East is still being tense. Besides the end of the active stage of military operations in Syria and Iraq, there are observations indicating the endeavor of terrorist, religious and extremist organizations to create cells outside of the mentioned region.
Chief of the State Security Service mentioned that the unlawful actions of religious radicals and extremists in Azerbaijan more apparently manifested itself in July of this year. The attempt of violation of social and political order took place in the second biggest city of Azerbaijan – Ganja. As a result of joint operation and investigation measures held by law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan more than 60 persons, who committed grave crimes, were arrested and 5 persons were disrupted while pulling armed resistance.
Madat Guliyev mentioned in his speech the necessity of international cooperation and adoption of joint measures for preventing common threats against global security and stability, mainly spreading of terrorism and religious extremism.
In this regard, chief of the Service while stating the significance and actuality of the developing partnership between security and special services of Turkish-speaking countries remarked the importance of broadening the experience and information exchange in order to provide more efficient security to our states. He also expressed his trust that the XXI meeting of the Conference will positively reflect on joint cooperation actions and the collaboration relations, in background of actual realities, will be further advanced.
In the framework of the meeting, perspectives of the cooperation were discussed by colonel-general Madat Guliyev during bilateral talks with representatives of partner security services.