Department of Public Relation's press release

November 4, 2018


As a result of a special operation of the Azerbaijani State Security Service (SSS) in the city of Ganja, two terrorists were killed.
The SSS launched an urgent operational measure after confirming information that members of a radical religious extremist group Famil Alakbarov and Rustam Rzayev had acquired weapons and explosives and had been planning to commit terrorist acts in the country.
During the operation to disarm the terrorists, which took place today in Ganja, the car was stopped, in which Rustam Rzayev and Famil Alakbarov were travelling. However, the terrorists put up armed resistance and opened fire. As a result of the response, Famil Alakbarov and Rustam Rzayev were destroyed.
During the inspection of the scene, one "Kalashnikov" assault rifle, an "F1" hand grenade, were discovered and seized. In the car of Famil Alakbarov were found three trotyl cartridges, each weighing 200 grams. Three electronic detonators were also attached to the explosives.
A criminal case has been initiated on the fact; investigative actions are being continued operatively.