President Ilham Aliyev: Security in Azerbaijan is provided at the highest level, Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries on a global scale

July 13, 2018

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has chaired a meeting of heads of the country`s law enforcement bodies.

President Ilham Aliyev said:
- The bloody crimes committed in Ganja on 3 and 10 July are crimes against our statehood. Two police officers were killed as a result of these terrorist attacks. There are also people who were wounded. One of them is the head of the Executive Authority of the city of Ganja. May Allah rest the souls of our martyrs and grant recovery to the wounded.
The terrorist gang responsible for these crimes wants to undermine stability in Azerbaijan. This is the main objective behind these crimes. These bloody acts of terror were perpetrated to create tension and spread fear in society. The terrorist acts were committed under religious slogans. This in itself is the greatest crime against Islam because Islam is the religion of peace and mercy. The Azerbaijani state and the Azerbaijani people always protect their national and religious values. Azerbaijan is one of the countries promoting Islamic culture in the world. As you know, last year was declared a "Year of Islamic Solidarity" in Azerbaijan. The Games of Islamic Solidarity were held in Azerbaijan. This year, Nakhchivan is the capital of Islamic culture. A few years ago, this honorary title was awarded to the city of Baku. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which unites Muslim countries, gives the highest assessment to the work Azerbaijan is doing in the field of religion. Thanks to the support of the Azerbaijani state, our historical and religious monuments have been completely restored and reconstructed. New mosques have been built. I want to say again that those trying to link this crime with our religion have committed the most serious crime against it. These criminals are not Muslims and such crimes do not remain unrequited. The criminals and those behind them will never be able to achieve their insidious intentions. The Azerbaijani state and Azerbaijani people will never allow this. The entire Azerbaijani people have unequivocally condemned these bloody crimes and expressed contempt for their perpetrators.

The Azerbaijani state is meeting all its objectives with dignity. The criminal gang has been rendered harmless and investigative measures continue. All the criminals involved in these crimes will be held accountable. This task has been set before the law-enforcement bodies and I am sure we will achieve this.
Several provocations have been committed against our country in the history of our independence, including armed provocations, acts of terror and attempted coups. They all failed. The main reason for this is the unity between the Azerbaijani people and the government. I have repeatedly expressed my opinion on this and want to say it again: the unity between the people and the government is the main condition for our stability. The unity between the people and the government can’t be undermined by any force – neither external nor internal.
No force can influence our political will. No-one can make us turn from our path. The modern history of Azerbaijan has repeatedly confirmed my words. Everyone who acted with dirty intentions against us became victims of their own actions. This was the case before, this is the case today and this will always be the case.
Security in Azerbaijan is provided at the highest level. Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries on a global scale. The Azerbaijani people live, work and create in the conditions of peace, calm and security. We are doing everything possible for a comfortable life of the Azerbaijani people. Today, Azerbaijan is regarded as a rapidly developing modern state. Our strength is growing day by day. Our potential in political, diplomatic, economic and social spheres, in the field of army building, on the battlefield, and on sports grounds is strengthening day by day. Over the past 15 years, there has not been another country that would develop as rapidly in the economic sphere as Azerbaijan. Therefore, of course, the forces trying to cast a shadow over our successes and influence our policy are resorting to different methods. Dirty defamatory campaigns are conducted against us. These campaigns, built on lies and libel, are not producing any effect. The Azerbaijani people do not believe in this lie and slander. The Azerbaijani people believe in their leadership. The presidential election held this year has demonstrated this to the whole world yet again.
A campaign of slander is conducted against us in the media. It is managed from various foreign centers. It is also absolutely ineffective. Several non-governmental organizations calling themselves human rights champions carry out campaigns of slander against Azerbaijan day and night. They are having no effect at home or abroad. Our external relations are expanding. The NATO Summit held a few days ago proved once again how much respect Azerbaijan enjoys. Today, Azerbaijan is a country enjoying great respect on a global scale.
In other words, these attempts are futile. Evil forces cannot affect our policy and our will in any way. Their latest steps show that there is nothing else left on their hands but terror. But this will not work either, just as it did not work in previous years. The Azerbaijani state has demonstrated and will demonstrate its strength this time again. All the criminals will be brought to justice, will be held accountable to court, to justice and to the people. We have enough strength and capabilities to do that.
The operative search activities carried out in the wake of the crimes show that some of the criminals have already been detained. The operative search activities will be continued. I can say with full confidence that no-one will be able to avoid responsibility.
The Azerbaijani people can rest assured that Azerbaijan will continue to follow the path of development and progress. We will continue to pursue our policy and build a happy future of the Azerbaijani people.