Department of Public Relation's press release

March 15, 2018

The State Security Service has opened a criminal case and is investigating incoming information’s on the illegal actions of a transnational network which are engaged in human organ trafficking in Azerbaijan, requesting illegal demands from Azerbaijani citizens by making them dependent, forcing organ transplantation on people, all of which violate the Azerbaijani laws on human organs not being a sale and purchase object.
As a result of operational-investigative measures, Azerbaijani citizen Vahib Khudadatov accused of being engaged in the organ transplantation of Azerbaijani citizens with the people in his connection including citizens of foreign countries, was identified and brought to justice, and the court’s restraining order was imposed upon him.
Persons involved with V.Khudadatov are being investigated.
Victims of the criminal actions, organs of whom became a sale and purchase objects, were taken into medical supervision.
Currently, investigative measures are in progress.