Department of Public Relation's press release

July 19, 2017

As a result of the counterintelligence measures carried out by the Azerbaijani State Security Service Mukhtar Yagubov, was detained while attempting to leave the country with data carriers on him containing data which he had gathered by way of spying at the instructions of foreign special service agencies.
As a result of the investigative measures carried out on the basis of a criminal case on treason (Article 274), Azerbaijani citizens who are members of a spy network operating in the country – Mukhtar Yagubov, Shakir Ahmadov, Zeka Zeynalli, Sabuhi Abbaszade, Khudashukur Nuriyev and Kamaladdin Huseynov – were detained. A preventive measure in the form of arrest was chosen against those individuals.
It became clear that the [spy network] had correspondence with foreign special service agencies. The spy network also tried to influence officials, public figures and other circles in Azerbaijan. The activity was carried out on behalf of foreign special services.
Members of the spy network also tried to collect confidential information about the activity of the Azerbaijani security bodies, the Armed Forces and security measures which are being carried out in the country.
Investigative measures are underway.