Department of Public Relation's press release

February 01, 2017

The State Security Service has received information that on the base of religious extremism, a group of people were going to get explosives and weapons and to commit terrorist acts in various places in the country. The group adopted the obedience of the terrorist organization that operates outside of the Azerbaijan. During the investigation the information has been confirmed and their recorded activities have made necessary to take immediate counter- terrorism action.

On January 31, 2017, for the arrest of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan - M.Ulubayov by the nickname "Abu Hafsa", G.Damirov by the nickname  "Abdulgarib",  F.Sadigov by the nickname "Abdulkhalid", T.Almammadov and S.Mammadov by the nickname "Abdullah" - that suspected of preparing to commit very serious crimes has been conducted a special operation. During the operation, via use of gun and pistol, the members of the group M.Ulubayov, T.Almammadov, G.Damirov, and S.Mammadov offered armed resistance. As determined in legislation, in response to, through use of service weapons, they have been neutralized by the members of the special operation team, and F.Sadigov was arrested as a suspect.
Investigative-operational measures are continued.