Sports and Health Centre of the State Security Service

Sports is the means of raising the people both morally and physically. There is no other means to demonstrate the symbols of independence of Azerbaijan but sports.

Nationwide leader

Azerbaijan is the state of sports. The sports world already confesses to it and accepts it. Enormous work is being done for the development of sports. International contests, Word and European championships are regularly being held in Azerbaijan. The teenagers and the young pay great interest to sports. Today we have all facilities to go in for sports.


President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Sports is the field which requires a great care and attention. In any country sufficiently systematic and purposeful progress depends much on its sports tradition, the condition and opportunity to go in for sports, its propaganda, the attitude to the sportsmen, training sports specialists, organizing competitions and holding them, ensuring the participation of sportsmen in international contests, popularization  of sports and other factors. Each of these factors are important. But naturally, the attitude of the state to sports occupies a peculiar place among them, because this attitude directly influences the successful solving of  the issues mentioned above.  
The organizational-structural reforms carried out at the State Security Service and consolidation of training-educational basis, strengthening of the social protection of the staff and alongside with bettering the working condition, a special attention is paid to increasing the professional –battle and physical training of the personnel.
The Sports and Health Centre of the  State Security Service organizes the ensuring and perfecting the activities in the field of sports and health, realizes the corresponding activities in the direction of improving the physical training of the personnel.
In the centre there are summer and winter sports grounds and halls for most mass sports, including wrestling, hand-to-hand fighting,  volley-ball, football, handball, basketball and gymnastics, a 25- metre swimming pool, rooms for instructors and medical personnel. In the Centre provided with technical appliances and equipment which meet modern standards,  all facilities have been created for the cadets and trainers, also other employees to go in for sports and improve their health. In the course of its functioning the members of sports club “Titan” of  SSS  have totally won 50 gold, 53 silver and 40 bronze medals in Kung-fu, WASKO, universal- fighting, kick-boxing, powerlifting, weight-lifting, mixed types of fighting, non-olympic  fighting types, and others in World and European championships, in worthy international, tournaments, contests and competitions for cups of international and republican importance and hosted the national  flag of Azerbaijan.