Department of Public Relation's press release

October 25, 2017
State Security Service (SSS) received information that a group of religious extremists- terrorists was preparing terrorist attacks in the territory of Azerbaijan. After the corresponding checks, this information was confirmed, and a decision was taken to carry out urgent measures.
It was established that a group of people who had taken the oath of one of the terrorist groups operating abroad, gathered in the house of Azerbaijani citizen Bakhtiyar Mammadsadig oglu Alakbarov, nicknamed "Abdullah" in the village of Lokbatan district near Baku. Members of the criminal group chose Bakhtiyar Alakbarov as their "emir".
With the aim of committing a series of terrorist attacks, the members of the group acquired the necessary components and made explosive and incendiary devices by handicraft. On October 22, 2017, they tested them in the territory of Lokbatan.
It was determined by operational and technical means that at their meetings the members of the group agreed to commit an act of terrorism at a rally in Baku on October 28. The goal of the extremist group was destabilization and violation of the socio-political tranquility in the country.
In the criminal case instituted by the SSS, it was decided to bring the identified individuals to justice. On October 25, comprehensive operational measures were taken to detain them.
During a special operation in the Khirdalan district, members of the criminal group Bakhtiyar Mammadsadig oglu Alakbarov, Anar Mehman oglu Masimli nicknamed (Abu Yunus) and Javid Huseyn oglu Huseynli (nicknamed Abu Vakkaz) resisted and opened fire at SSS officers. The operative group within the limits defined by the legislation, has undertaken retaliatory measures and has neutralized the extremists using service weapons.
Operational and investigative measures are continuing.